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Dispensing Station Program

With your support of $1.00, Lilia Redemption will help support the community and the children. This program reinforces and helps fight hunger in children, the vulnerable, the homeless, and struggling persons of our community, so they may benefit the maximum support they need in life.

Our ‘‘Dispensing Station’’ is stocked with essentials, such as food, medical supplies, socks, gloves, hats, toiletries and books. Those who benefit from our ''Dispensing Station’’ program will be able to access three items from our location, on a weekly basis, free, which activates through a key card.


With your continued support to our foundation, we will be able to alleviate hunger and despair for our community and loved ones.

​To inquire about the Dispensing Station program, or if you are an association wishing to refer someone to our program, please email us at or simply call us at 1-866-644-2121

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