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The Lilia Redemption Foundation believes that our intervention program is imperative to fight juvenile delinquency, and would serve as a wake up call for children ages 8 to 17.


Our mission is to help thousands of children and parents improve their lives. With a clear mission and vision of keeping teenagers on the right path or bringing them back to it, our program is managed to deliver excellent safety education and training for the development of the children

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Correctional program for troubled teens. (8-17)


Tragic as it may seem, children with criminal liabilities are getting younger as the years passes by. In the age of violence and hate, parents are looking for options on how to tackle children with criminal charges at an early age.


Thousands of children in the world, alone, are faced with violence, exposing them to trauma at such a young age. These experiences would often prompt them to undergo difficult times, which can lead to negative behaviour.

The RCC program involves a 10-day consecutive program, where children are welcomed in our facility. This consecutive program is eight hours a day. Throughout their stay at the facility, they attend sessions with educators meet real time public speakers who, were once imprisoned and exposing them to what life inside prison, can be.



If your child is exhibiting any of these behaviours, or you are concerned about the negative influences of other students exhibiting these behaviours, RCC can help remove these distractions and help your child to re-focus on their education…

  • Are they rebelling against authority?

  • Have their grades suddenly dropped?

  • Do you fear they may be dabbling in drugs, alcohol or prostitution?

  • Have they neglected good friends in favour of ones you wouldn’t consider to be good influences?

  • Have they withdrawn from healthy activities?

  • Are they spending too much time alone?

  • Have they radically changed their appearance?

  • Are they sleeping excessively, or not enough?

  • Do they have a problem with internet addiction, social media addiction, pornography addiction or video game addiction?

  • Do they demand excessive overnight stays with friends?

  • Have they been running away?

  • Are they obsessive about spending time with their friends?

  • Have valuables gone missing in your home?

  • Do they participate in high-risk activities?

  • Do you fear for their safety…for their future?

You may be a parent whose child is doing well and desire for them to continue in the positive direction they are heading, but are concerned about the negative influences and values they receive on a day-to-day basis.

The safety and future of your child is of utmost importance, and you must find a way to prevent the negative influences that can cause your child’s educational decline, bad behaviour, or poor decision making.

If you have looked for help for your child, you may have looked into help for troubled teens through boot camps or wilderness programs, and have probably found that there are very few, if any, available; especially in Canada.

The RCC program, believes a “troubled child” is no more than a regular child who could use a more positive and structured environment.

RCC is an excellent alternative to correctional programs and boot camps, as giving a struggling teen a positive, structured environment allows them to refocus on their education without distraction and helps them to break negative habits they may have previously developed.

RCC is not a residential treatment center, therapeutic boarding facility program, however, we have found that a structured and caring environment can make an enormous difference in correcting behavioural issues among teenagers and is a better option for parents considering boot camps or wilderness programs.

Why Choose RCC

Our mission is to help thousands of children and parents improve their lives. With a clear mission and vision of keeping teenagers on the right path or bringing them back to it, our program is managed to deliver excellent safety education and training for the long-term development of the children.

You can rest assured that your teenager will receive the necessary tools and support he or she needs.

It is important to note that RCC separates male and female students, as we believe that this is the best way of eliminating distractions. By having a separate boarding for boys and girls, the students can better focus on their own self-improvement.

What happens is that your child may return to their old ways upon returning home. At RCC, ten consecutive days, is the average length of the program. We strongly believe in encouraging our students to excel in their education. As students display positive progress, we provide them with more responsibilities as well as privileges in order to challenge and motivate them to continue progressing.

The ultimate goal of RCC is to bring students back to their home with the practical life and leadership skills that they need to be successful in their life and education.

The RCC program was developed to “allow youth to see that certain choices they make can bring on the consequences that may get them in trouble, land them in jail, or even worse, death.

At this stage, parents communicate with us because their children have driven them, to their wits end.

As quoted, the children become disrespectful, get suspended multiple times, in-school suspension, stealing and do not want to mind.

We believe that a child wants to be loved and a child wants to know that somebody cares. 

Lilia Redemption Foundation is a non-profit organization, located in Southern Ontario with the purpose of fighting against Children trafficking and providing a safe, structured, and supportive setting for our children.

Many parents who turn to Lilia Redemption Foundation are exhausted from their teenager’s rebellion, promiscuity, drug abuse, anger and or other self-destructive behaviours. These behaviours are often brought on by the lack of structure and personal attention in public and private day schools.

Many parents have tried counselling and have done all the right things, but their child continues to head in a negative direction. As a result, parents fear for their child’s future.

The issues that parents are concerned about can often be alleviated simply by removing the child from the negative environment they are in and enrolling them in a program which provides adequate supervision as well as traditional structure and boundaries.

Over the past 20 years, Dinah-Lilia Mansour, dedicated her life on travelling the world, working with children of all calibers and has proven to help bring strength, healing and structure to teenagers who were previously at risk. At Lilia Redemption Foundation, our purpose is to bring peace back to the entire family.

Lilia Redemption Foundation is registered as a non-profit organization under the Canada Revenue Agency Charities Act. We are not a treatment center, therapeutic boarding school, or alternative boarding school. We offer safety, secure, reinforcement educational programs to children whose parents desire more support, structure, and boundaries than public or private day schools can provide.

Lilia Redemption Foundation does not provide counselling or therapy. However, we make it as convenient as possible for parents to schedule appointments for their students with outside doctors, counsellors, etc.

Lilia Redemption Foundation does not in any way conduct or condones conversion therapy. We do not give punishment or consequences for expressing preferences. In order to keep students focused on their education, physical relationships between students are not allowed, regardless of their sexual preference.


The RCC is Open to All Students

The RCC's purpose is to provide education and tools to children who have struggled to be successful in a private or public life.  Our -dayre is to educate our children in all areas of life to prepare them for their future. We provide elective courses in Anger Management, Boundary Setting, Conflict Resolution, and other life skills to prepare them for a successful adulthood.

We restore teens to a healthy outlook on life through loving redirection, teaching life skills and building character through integrity, boundaries, and self-control. We provide a high staff-to-student ratio with an individualized curriculum and program for each student.


Licensing Structure

The following disclaimer has been posted to demonstrate the ways in which the RCC is in compliance with the Canadian regulations and is therefore properly operating.

  1. Students are admitted to RCC by a parent or legal guardian.

  2. The RCC is not licensed as, and therefore does not operate as, a “therapeutic PROGRAM.

  3. Lilia Redemption Foundation is a Canadian non-profit organization and as such, does not receive or accept public funding, with the exception of funds specifically designated for educational purposes.

  4. Due to Canadian Laws and regulation, we cannot provide “behavioural-based services” for our students.
    However, we do provide a more structured environment with traditional values that helps students/troubled children to break negative habits and refocus on their education.

  5. The education plan of the RCC, is designed for capable middle and high school age students whose parents have determined that their child needs a more structured, unique, and caring environment, free from distractions to obtain a quality education.

  6. The RCC has an open enrolment policy, meaning a student can be enrolled with our program even if they are behind in their education.

  7. Individualized progress Curriculum

  8. Credentialed Educators

  9. The RCC has multiple credentialed educators on staff. We typically have at least one credentialed educator available on every shift to assist students.

  10. We have a nurse and a full spectrum of security in our facility

  11. The RCC is an advanced program generally for ages 8 through 17.


Our mission

Dramatically change the vision of a child and reinforce positivity, responsibility and fair judgement. These are the areas we are focusing on:

  • Reduction or elimination of at-risk behaviours.

  • Conflicts with parents to be better and resolved.

  • Communication skills- developed.

  • The student increasing in maturity.

  • Choosing healthy relationships and goals.

  • Academics are improved.

  • Reduction in misbehaviour.

  • Growing in self-worth, and responsibility.

  • Reduction or elimination of drug and alcohol use.



Where is the center?

In Mississauga, Ontario


Are the Boys and Girls Together or Separate?

The boys and girls are separate. The program is large which provides the ability to keep the boys on one side and the girls on the other. They have no social interaction whatsoever.


Who does not qualify for the RCC?

Only students who have a severe clinical issue will likely not be qualified for RCC. As there is a variety of clinical diagnosis, there are many which will not necessarily disqualify a student from attending RCC. Many students with certain clinical issues, who may have struggled, will thrive in an environment where they are able to receive more attention, such as at RCC

If your child has been diagnosed with a clinical condition, please Contact Us for more information on their eligibility to attend RCC. We have a detailed profile which can help you to determine the best course of action for your child.


Does RCC Provide Therapy/Counselling for Students?

RCC is not a treatment center or therapeutic boarding facility. We do not directly provide counselling or therapy to our students.

For parents or students who desire counselling or other outside services, we make it as convenient as possible for parents to schedule appointments with outside local therapists, counsellors, doctors, etc., for their children


Are There Payment Options Available?

At RCC, we are committed to helping families and will do everything we can to work with parents. We offer zero-interest loans lasting through your child’s completion of the program, as well as payment plans spread out over a period for qualifying parents. If necessary, parents can also work with loan companies.


Parents are required to file all the paperwork themselves. Assistance is available for parents who establish legitimate hardship or demonstrate they are in a difficult financial situation at no fault of their own. All financial applications are reviewed by the RCC administration and granted on a case-by-case basis. The decision is at the sole discretion of the administration and based on availability of funds.


Does RCC Accept Students who were previously expelled and/or Have Behaviour Problems?

RCC will accept any student who is qualified to be enrolled in our program. Although RCC does not provide “behavioural-based services”, we do not discriminate against students who have had a “past”. We believe that students who have struggled in the past have a higher chance of educational success with RCC due to our loving and structured environment with a high staff to student ratio.


How Long Do Students Typically Attend RCC?

The program attendance is for a consecutive 8 hour a day, 10-day program. The student’s success is not based on how long they attend our program but how long they do well. A strong foundation of positive direction is critical to their ability to maintain their healthy lifestyle upon returning home, which will positively impact their educational experience.


What is a Typical Day Like at RCC?

Please inquire about our schedule at RCC.



What is RCC’s Policy on Religious Beliefs, Race, and Sexual Preference?

We do not discriminate against any faith, race, or sexual preference. RCC does not in any way conduct or condone conversion therapy. We do not give punishment or even consequences for expressing sexual preference.


Our instructor will talk about the importance of following Christ and speak about faith openly. However, we do not force or coerce anyone to believe what we believe. At times, there will be Christian-related topics for discussion and faith-based activities. Participation in such activities is optional for the students. We trust that the families admitting their child fully understand this prior to admission.



What is the Policy on Student Relationships?

A major emphasis of our program is to help students to refocus on their education by removing distractions. As such, we do not allow romantic or physical relationships between students, regardless of sexual preference, in order for them to keep their education as their first priority. This is also why we decided to keep the boys and girls’ program, separate from each other.


What Types of Discipline Does RCC Uses?

RCC only utilizes approved disciplinary measures which are moral and appropriate for the care of the children that attend our program. All disciplinary methods are in full compliance with provincial laws. Disciplinary actions include removal of privileges, writing sentences, separation from other students when appropriate, (i.e. in cases such as physical violence or verbal threats/ fighting), detention, suspension, and expulsion. We do everything in our ability to avoid suspension and expulsion, as our desire to redirect the student rather than to remove them from our program


Admissions and Qualifications

RCC’s primary purpose is to provide education to students who have struggled to be successful in all aspects of their entourage. We do not discriminate against any student who would be qualified for a public school, even if they have been expelled. Our desire is to educate our students in all areas of life to prepare them for their future. We provide elective courses in Boundary Setting, Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, and other life skills to prepare them for a successful adulthood.

  • 8 to 17-year-olds (boys and girls)

  • Child has some parental or legal guardian involvement



The Admission Process

Requirements for admission:

The following is a list of items needed to move forward in the process. If parents need help with tuition, they should contact us for options available. Different payment options are available, including very low-interest financing. We also can provide discounts to those who can establish a valid hardship; all financial awards are subject to availability.

  1. The parent talks to the Admission department and is asked a series of questions about the child. This is referred to as the student’s profile.

  2. After RCC reviews the profile, an appointment will be set up for a time for the parents to visit the facility and meet with the educator. If the visit goes well and the parents are satisfied with the facility program, RCC and the parents can then arrange an enrolment time.

  3. The parents will receive a contract and parent handbook.

  4. Parents are requested to read the materials before returning the signed documents.

  5. RCC realizes that sometimes parents may need to move quickly. RCC can accommodate this. RCC can admit new students in as little as 4 hours. However, it usually takes approximately 48 hours for an admission process to take place.


We understand that having a high tuition payment can be a burden to families. With this in mind, we have structured our tuition to have a range of weekly payment options.

The cost of our 10-day consecutive program, where children will be staying overnight, is: $2815.00, which includes our 10-day program, accommodation, supplies such as clothing, essentials of everyday life, meals, recreation, etc.

Our goal is to customize payments to fit each family’s individual needs. For more information about the cost, or for arrangements, please contact us. We would love to work with you to find the option that works best for your situation.

Payment Options:

  • Cash pay

  • Debit/Credit

  • Cheques

  • Instalments based on contracted amount

If you need additional information about our programs, or if you wish to help us make this Center a reality, please contact us at 

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